Videos from The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict: A Teach In


In order of presentation:

First video – part one: History of Palestine up to the partition of 1948, speaker Dr. Robert Harrison, Professor of History, SOU (retired). Responder — Dr. Michael Niemann, Adjunct Professor of International Relations, SOU.

Second video: History of Zionism. Main speaker is Ayala Zonnenschein, and Israeli-American who serves as Executive Director of Havuruh Shir Hadash Synagogue in Ashland, Oregon. Responder is Dr. Herbert Rothschild, Professor in the Honors College at University of Houston (retired) and chair of Peace House in Oregon.

Third video: Continuation of History of Zionism.

Fourth segment of the program: A screening of the documentary “Occupation 101,” which shows the brutality of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza. It is available at

Forth video: Israel’s security concerns. Speaker via Skype is Rabbi David Zaslow, rabbi of Havuruh Shir Hadash.

Fifth video, panel discussion on pathways to peace (part one). Dr. Herbert Rothschild, Dr. Robert Harrison, and Emanuel Ben-David an Israeli now living in the U.S. who was a member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Part two.