Board of Directors

Elizabeth Hallett
Board Chair

Elizabeth Hallett served as executive director of Peace House from 1993 to 1996, and co-director with Ruth Coulthard in 1997. In the previous decade she lived in the Bay Area, where she participated in the Nuremberg Action Vigils at the Concord Nation Weapons Station, from which the Reagan Administration was shipping arms to the death squads in Central America. Formerly a childbirth educator and midwife, in Ashland Elizabeth has focused on helping caregivers for persons with memory loss and dementia. She runs the Anam Cara Center for Healing and Care & Elizabeth V. Hallett Consulting.


Shaun Franks

Version 2Shaun works in sales and marketing for the True South Solar. Shaun is a husband and a father of two wonderful sons, Carter and Micah. He is graduate of Southern Oregon University and studied business and environmental studies. His work on environmental issues through student government led him to become highly active in economic justice issues in Oregon. In 2009, he studied renewable energy in Germany and wanted to bring back what he learned to his campus. In 2011, while director of sustainability for student government he wrote the SOU Green Fund to invest student dollars into local energy, water, and campus sustainability projects. The fund has helped establish three new solar installations on campus and launched the SOU Sustainability Center. Shaun received Green Business of the year award in 2013 on behalf of SOU student body by the Ashland Chamber of Commerce.


Connie Saldana

Connie Saldana began as a Board member for Peace House in the fall of 2015. However she has decades of history as a community ally and advocate with Peace House through association with other community organizations. She volunteered in the earliest days with Uncle Foods Diner. Connie’s employment is with Senior & Disability Services of Rogue Valley Council of Governments as a planner and program-developer. In addition to sharing community resources and problem solving over the phone through the Aging and Disability Resource connection, at work she administers a small permanent supportive housing program for homeless people with disabilities and heads efforts regarding emergency preparedness for vulnerable populations. Connie’s passion is serving the community where her talents are most useful. She is an active volunteer with the local community radio station and with the Community Emergency Response team and she served for several years on the City of Ashland Housing and Human Services Commission. 541-890- 2237


Kathleen J. Gamer

GamerKathleen is an assistant to Native American Studies at Southern Oregon University. She speaks Farsi and Arabic, with working knowledge of Swedish and German and worked for the United Nations Office in Tehran Iran in the 1990’s during the time her ex, husband was head of the Finnish Embassy in Tehran, Iran till 1996, when she lived and owned two cultural Art Galleries in Finland till 2001. At Southern Oregon University, worked for the Women’s Resource center and founded the United Nations program at SOU 2006 till present. Member of the board of Peace House, Amnesty International United Nations Association S. Oregon since 2004 till present. Assistant to Professor Robert Harrison and tutoring students from International backgrounds since 2010 till present. Seeking to educate and inspire students to make a global impact on Peace efforts through conflict resolution in the community as well as internationally.  Email:


Ben Morgen


Ben is a social artist and aspiring philosopher.  He has worked domestically and internationally for the past three years doing community development for non-profits and NGO’s. He graduated with honors from the University of Washington with degrees in Community Environment and Planning (CEP), Political Science, and Urban Design and Planning.  Ben is a world traveler having backpacked across Europe and Central America, an avid adventurer having completed a solo cross-country bike ride, a lover of wisdom having completed multiple silent meditation retreats, and recently has developed a taste for the dramatic by becoming a professional mime.  Ben has uncovered a deep truth within himself, his role as a heart warrior. As a cage fighter, college wrestler, and recipient of a history of violence Ben is beginning to craft his energy and warrior spirit to champion him imagination and heart, to bring forth beauty into the world, to look deeply and bring forth the heart of the matter. As a new appointed commission member for the Ashland Peace Commission, as a board member for the Ashland Peace House, and as a partner in bringing forth for Creative Communication, Ben is dedicated to understanding and actively advocating for a culture of peace, for every moment is the practice.  He is a humble, strong, and kind man who is fascinated by the bigger picture, is developing love for all beings, and is constantly striving towards bringing forth his higher-self. His purpose as he sees it now is to understand and strive to foster freedom (unconditional love) through working to empower community so that consciously created, our physical and mental built environments are brought forth and upheld collectively through active honest inclusive participation.  Email: