Peace House Building Use Agreement Form

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Refundable Security Deposit: $100 per renter
For first time renters or for existing but expired contracts, please create a building use agreement valid for one year by clicking the blue link directly below to download the form (opens in Microsoft Excel) and complete: 
Building Use Agreement Form Directions:
1. After checking the Rental Calendar Schedule for date availability or checking with the Office Manager at, please completely fill in Section 1, 2 and 3 of the Building Use Agreement Form. Section 3 of the building form requires that you put a number for the amount of days you are planning to rent a room or multiple rooms. If it is one day only, putting a 1 is sufficient, and if it’s more than one day, put the appropriate number by the rooms. Please read the Building Use Policy and Closing Procedure checklist. insert space
2. When you are finished filling out the form please save as an Excel Workbook (xlsx) or an Excel 93-2007 Workbook (xls). Once saved, then upload the completed form by clicking the submit button.  You’re done!
Follow up: 
3. When the form is approved and confirmed by the Office Manager, you will need to print out a copy, sign it, and upload it or email it back to the Office Manager as a PDF.
Scroll down to see images below of two ways (Excel Workbook or Excel 97-2003 Workbook) to save your form.

You will hear back within 48 hours with further information or a signed contract. Thank you looking at our building space for your meeting/event.