Uncle Food’s Diner

Uncle Foods Diner

Uncle Food’s Diner

Since its beginning in 1993, Uncle Food’s Diner has become the major feeding program for Ashland’s very poor and homeless residents. Each Tuesday it provides a hot, nutritious meal to a recent average of 120 guests. Twice a month there is a special meal called ‘Tasty Tuesdays’, child care, for families with children.

Uncle Food’s Diner is not a soup kitchen, but a community meal at which the disadvantaged interact with other sectors of the community, thereby affirming their dignity and the belief that one doesn’t need wealth, or even a permanent dwelling, to be a welcome resident of a community.

Because of this atmosphere, Uncle Food’s Diner has over the years become a place where homeless residents interact and learn about opportunities for additional services. Some of them are on premises: La Clinica brings a van over to provide medical and dental services; Trinity Episcopal Church staffs a Listening Post (non-judgmental and sympathetic listening); and sleeping bags and warm clothes are often available.

Uncle Food’s Diner is also an occasion for homeless residents to come together to discuss how Ashland might become a more hospitable place. In 2011 Peace House ran an Empower the Homeless project to foster their participation in the formation of city policies affecting them. Ever since, they have had in-put into policy recommendations and discussions.

If you would like to volunteer at Uncle Food’s Diner, we greatly appreciate the help.

Contact: Maren, Coordinator, ufd@peacehouse.net

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