Alternatives to Military Recruitment

Peace House’s Alternatives to Military Recruitment/Conscientious Objector Program works to reduce the impact of war and militarism on young people’s lives. We aim to counteract the growing influence of the military by educating parents and students alike about military life, presenting topics well beyond the views that military recruiters use to promote armed forces enlistments. Further, we hope to provide alternatives to students who may feel the military is their only option. While we support and respect the decision to enlist, we believe knowledge is power, and that true informed consent is a basic right of individuals contemplating military service.

Working in conjunction with Rogue Valley Peace Veterans (, we offer presentations on the realities of military recruitment, as well as alternatives to military service. These programs are available free of charge to schools and community groups. Also, one-on-one advisory sessions are available for those young men/or and women who would be interested in an objective second opinion on the realities of military life.

Another part of the AMR program is establishing Conscientious Objector (CO)
status even during the required draft registration period for men 18-25 years of age. Together, Peace House and RVPV offer the Rogue Valley’s only resource for youth interested in developing a case file. Assistance is also offered for increasing the youth’s connection with community organizations and projects that will further their objector status.

To arrange for a program on Alternative to Military Recruitment or to be connected with a CO counselor, contact Linda Sturgeon, Education Programs Coordinator, at 541-482-9625 or