Single payer universal health care in Oregon

Peace House is a member of Health Care for All Oregon, and is active on the steering committee of the Rogue Valley affiliate. The goal is to get the Oregon legislature to adopt a “Medicare for all” system of health care insurance, and to pass by referendum a plan to fund it. The goal is to have the proposition before the voters in 2016.

Reasonable gun regulation

Following the dreadful shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, there was a re-invigorated effort across the nation to pass reasonable gun regulations. Peace House did local education around the issue and helped generate messages to both our state and federal legislators to promote various bills. No gains were made either in Washington or in Salem. We remain committed to reducing gun violence, and are prepared to act as occasions arise.

Ending indiscriminate and warrantless surveillance of the domestic population

Around this issue, too, Peace House has done some education, and we have publicly witnessed and witnessed in support of whistleblower Edward Snowden and, relatedly, Bradley Manning.

Annual observance of the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Peace House was born in 1982 to work locally as part of the global effort to end the nuclear arms race. For a time it was lead sponsor of events around August 6-9 to commemorate the bombings of the two Japanese cities, both as a remembrance and a pledge of “never again.” In recent years the Ashland Branch of Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom has taken primary responsibility, but Peace House provides support in volunteers, publicity, and funds.