Ending Wars

Peace House considers it an offense against the human spirit for people to organize themselves to kill their sisters and brothers. We repudiate war as a means to resolve conflicts among nations. We support international organizations like the United Nations and International Court that promote diplomacy and the rule of law.

Opposing U.S. militarism

We are distressed that the United States regarded the end of the Cold War as an opportunity to assert its military supremacy world-wide instead of a chance to reduce the size and scope of its armed forces. Its self-appointed role as world policeman, which has translated in almost every case of armed intervention as world dominator, is both immoral, counter-productive, and unsustainable in view of its waning economic strength.

Since its founding at the height of the global movement to stop the nuclear arms race and prevent a war that would have ended civilization as we know it, Peace House has worked to prevent and end every war the United States has begun—the first Gulf War, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the threatened attacks on Iran and Syria.

Current campaigns include

  • Complete withdrawal of U.S. military presence from Afghanistan
  • The end of using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for assassination
  • A diplomatic resolution of the concerns about Iran’s nuclear program, and the establishment of a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in the Middle East
  • Multi-lateral diplomatic approach to civil war in Syria

Truth in recruiting

We help young adults make an informed choice about enlisting in the military. Pressured by scarcity of jobs in the civilian economy and aggressive recruiters who present partial, even at times untruthful, information about military life and what an enlistee is contracting for, young people—especially low income and peoples of color—need such help. We distribute relevant literature on high school and college campuses. We also help conscientious objectors prepare their case for the eventuality of a re-instated draft.