Federal Education Program

The Federal Budget Education Project helps clarify economic realities,  allowing citizens to understand policy choices. The workhorse of the project is a thirty-minute Power Point presentation, with script, entitled “The Federal Budget: Myths and Realities.” It examines the historic patterns of federal debt and what drives it: predominantly tax policies.  Policies that, over the years, have mainly benefit corporations and the very wealthy. Additionally, on the spending side it is shown that a disproportionate share of tax dollars are consumed by the military budget, expenditures that continue to rise.

The presentation has been given to various groups around the Rogue Valley, shown on public access television, and discussed on several  radio stations. Further, Peace House looks to engage panels of experts in the budget dialogue; experts from state legislators to municipal and school officials.

To schedule a presentation, call our administrator at 541-482-9625 or email info@peacehouse.net We invite civic, social, business, and professional organizations, plus congregations, classroom teachers, and any other interested parties, to take advantage of this powerful  and timely educational resource.