Homelessness in the Our Community

Homelessness or near homelessness is increasing in the Rogue Valley. Here in Ashland the recent fire on the plaza caused by a mentally ill homeless man has brought the issue of the homeless and what to do about them to the forefront. This is the second major fire set by a mentally ill homeless man in the last year. The community dialogue can become contentious quickly with the homeless looked at not as individuals but as a group of people who are causing community problems, threatening our livelihoods and safety.

Peace House has supported programs in the past such as Empowering the Homeless that have addressed the social injustice and inequities of profiling a group of people based on their appearance and lack of resources. Also Uncle Foods Diner is a key program of Peace House serving a hot nutritious weekly meal to those in need.

Peace House encourages those interested in the topic of Homlessness in Our Community to dialogue together about solutions and ways to address this important issue.

Join the conversation.

View video produced by Peace House on Homelessness:

“Homelessness in Ashland” was produced by two Peace House members, Ellen Heine and Jordan Tresham in 2011. The purpose of the video was to start a community dialogue on how to address the issue of homelessness in our community Ashland, Oregon.  Homelessness is a nationwide problem but it must be solved locally, community by community.