Partner Organizations

Organizations that work for peace and justice in the Rogue Valley and with which Peace House often collaborates on particular projects and events.

Citizens for Peace and Justice (CPJ)

Embracing peace within ourselves. Calling peace into conflicted lives. Promoting a just and peaceful community. Educating ourselves and others on alternatives to violence. Educating ourselves and others on social justice issues. Protesting wars, war-like actions, and unjust laws and unjust actions. Building a world beyond war through nonviolent means.

Medford CPJ Meets at 6:30 PM, Third Thursdays, Lidgate Hall, Medford Congr. Church of Christ, 1801 E Jackson St, 2 blks above Hedrick Visitors Welcomed

For more information: Allen Hallmark:

Collateral Repair Project (CRP)

The Collateral Repair Project is a grassroots effort, bringing Iraqis and coalition citizens together in order to create solutions in response to the terrible damage done to Iraqi civilians because of the illegal and immoral invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq. As such, we work in partnership with an Iraqi team who determines how we can best help improve the stability of some of the millions of Iraqis whose lives have been devastated by the US led invasion.

For more information:

Collateral Repair Project PO Box 8160, Medford, Oregon 97501

Food Angels

Food Angels is a grass roots, fully volunteer cooperative venture which helps organizations serving low income people in the Rogue Valley, primarily through the daily distribution of food retrieved from markets, bakeries and local organic farmers. The compound goals of providing food for those in need, offering an opportunity for self-help, self-reliance and community service, and keeping usable items out of the landfill have been met week after week since 1996.

For more information: Pamela Joy: 541-482-5330

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Observance Day

The Hiroshima / Nagasaki Vigil will be Aug. 6-9 2010. This is the “25th” Year that Ashland, Oregon has sponsors a Vigil. The committee of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) welcome sponsors to help with this year’s Vigil.

Please contact: Jill Mackie: 541-488-9286, heading H/N Vigil 2010

Pastors for Peace; Annual Caravan to Cuba

The Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan passes through the Rogue Valley each summer, gathering caravan members and humanitarian aid bound for our neighbor country. Pastors for Peace is a project of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) which was founded in 1967 by progressive US church leaders and activists. Its purpose: to advance the struggles of oppressed people for justice and self-determination.

The first Caravan traveled to Cuba in November 1992, with 100 travelers carrying 15 tons of aid, such as powdered milk, medicines, Bibles, bicycles and school supplies. Caravans have traveled to Mexico and Central America as well as to Cuba–a total of more than 50 in all. The aims of this on-going project are two: to deliver material aid to the victims of so-called “low intensity” war in Latin America, and to campaign for a more just US foreign policy in our hemisphere.

For information, contact IFCO and Pastors for Peace at 212-926-5757 or by email, The website is Rogue Valley information is at 541-482-8915.

Rogue Valley Oregon Action

Oregon Action works with communities of color and low income families by expanding electoral capacity by using traditional tools of mobilization such doors to door canvassing, phone canvassing, leafleting, community forums, marches, rallies and special events to increase participation in the electoral process.

For more information:

33 North Central, #303 Medford, OR 97501 (541)772-4029 Fax: (541)772-0355 Rich Rohde, Rogue Valley Organizer:

Rogue Valley Vets for Peace (RV-VFP)

Veterans For Peace (VFP) includes men and women veterans of all branches of service, eras, conflicts and duty stations. We are an official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) represented at the UN. Our collective experience tells us wars are easy to start and hard to stop and that those hurt are often the innocent. Thus, other means of problem solving and old-fashioned diplomatic negotiation are necessary. As veterans, we draw on our personal experiences and perspectives to raise public awareness of the true costs and consequences of militarism and war – and to seek peaceful, effective alternatives.

For more information: Don Chapin:

Rural Organizing Project (ROP)

ROP is a statewide organization of locally-based groups that work to create communities accountable to a standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all people, the need for equal access to justice, and the right to self-determination. Starting in 1992, ROP’s challenges to the anti-democratic right have earned ROP a national reputation for being an effective grassroots organization that takes on the hard issues. The catalyst for ROP was the Oregon Citizens Alliance and their outrageous Abnormal Behaviors Initiative, which targeted gay and lesbian Oregonians for legalized second-class citizenship. Oregonians in small towns across the state were mobilized, many for the first time, as basic tenets of the Constitution were at risk through this ballot initiative. ROP stepped into this organizing opportunity to fill a niche the radical right was trying to claim.

For more information: or call 503-543-8417 Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice (SOJWJ)

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice brings together labor unions, religious congregations, student groups and community organizations to improve working peoples’ standard of living, job security and their right to organize.

For more information: Wes Brain:

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom was founded in 1915 during World War I, with Jane Addams as its first president. WILPF works to achieve through peaceful means world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, an end to all forms of violence, and to establish those political, social, and psychological conditions which can assure peace, freedom, and justice for all.

WILPF works to create an environment of political, economic, social and psychological freedom for all members of the human community, so that true peace can be enjoyed by all.

For more information: Ashland Branch: Francis Petschek: (541) 482-3642, Jill Mackie: (541) 488-9286,