Preventing Another War in the Middle East

The drumbeats for another Middle East war sounded very loud early this year. Each Republican presidential candidate (except Ron Paul) tried to beat them louder than the others. Israel’s Netanyahou pressed Obama hard to bomb Iran (now he’s working to elect Mitt Romney). And the Zionist lobby bullied members of Congress to push Iran into a corner.

We kept generating calls and letters to the President and our Congressional delegation to heed the assessment of both U.S. and Israeli intelligence that Iran has given no indication that it’s developing nuclear weapons. In meetings with their staffs we took both Wyden and Merkley to task for signing a letter  generated by the Zionist lobbying organization AIPAC de- signed to scuttle negotiations in late June.

And we kept educating local media and the general public about the real status of Iran’s nuclear program, how it is under constant monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency, how the US encourages Iran to arm itself because we have invaded the nations on its borders and sur- rounded it with military bases, how Israel is the only nuclear weapons power in the Middle East, and how deeply hypocritical we are on the matter of nuclear arms. We made these points in letters to the editor, on JPR’s Jefferson Exchange, and in teach-ins at SOU and in Medford.

If you haven’t written yet to Obama, to Merkley, and to Wyden, do so now.