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Report by Wes Brain on League for Women Voters hosted educational forum on universal healthcare, Nov 9, 2017 in Medford:

LWV hosts educational forum on universal healthcare, Nov 9, 2017 in Medford 
Medford, Oregon / Thursday 11/09/17  “Universal Coverage — How Do we Get There?”
The League of Women Voters Rogue Valley sponsored an educational forum on Health Care and Health Care for All Oregon-Rogue Valley turned out in force.  HCAO-RV’s Bill Walsh along with this wife Shirley Weathers were key organizers who worked with the League to make this forum happen, as were presenters Dr. Julian Bell and Nurse Practitioner Lauri Hoagland.
Here is the quick overview for the event:
● The League of Women Voters Rogue Valley sponsored this event.
● “Universal Coverage — How Do we Get There?” was held at the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center in downtown Medford, Oregon on November 9, 2017
● 70 People attended.
● Bill Walsh facilitated the panel discussion and then oversaw questions from the audience
● Panel presentations came from two local providers, Pulmonologist Doctor Julian Bell and Family Nurse Practitioner Lauri Hoagland
● HCAO-RV was present with a table providing t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and literature.  Participants signed Pledge of Support form to join statewide database.
● The League of Women voters collected written questions from the audience.  After these were exhausted the panel took additional questions directly from the audience.
● A number of doctors and nurses were in attendance and several stood up with favorable comments during the Q&A part of the program.
● LWV-RV stated intentions to provide another forum specifically on Oregon’s Measure 101 which will be up for election in January, 2018.
● Below, please find: 1) several quotes from attendees, 2) photos and 3) the event flyer
Submitted by Wes Brain
HCAO-Rogue Valley
Health Care is a Human Right!
Quotes from attendees 
Presenter Dr. Julian Bell was asked for a response immediately upon the forum’s conclusion. Dr. Bell said,
“I was impressed with the turnout and the quality of questions that came from the audience.  It was clear that people have many concerns about healthcare.”
And here is a summary provided by Jerry Reed who traveled from Grants Pass to attend.  Jerry is a community organizer who chairs HCAO’s chapter in Josephine County.
This was an outstanding, highly informative program. The PNHP video, “We Can Fix It”, is filled with great, persuasive facts and statistics making a compelling case for improved Medicare for All for the U.S. to help bring us up to the higher universal healthcare standard now existing in nearly all other advanced countries. Its brevity, just eleven minutes, allowed plenty of time for the two panel members, Dr Bell and Laurie Hoagland, to provide careful, thoughtful and well informed responses to questions and comments from audience members. 
It was great to see the excellent turnout by the community. A key point of the movie and all the discussion is that universal improved medicare for all will improve both the quality and universality of our healthcare system as well as improving efficiency and reducing the cost dramatically for healthcare across the whole country. The entire meeting was well handled in a respectful manner for everyone. I appreciated the opportunity to be included–Jerry Reed

Presenters Dr. Julian Bell and Family Nurse Practitioner Lauri Hoagland address the audience

Retired physician and past Jackson County Commissioner Dr. David Gilmour speaks to the audience

Health Care for All Oregon’s Rogue Valley Chapter had an information table staffed by Brenda Gould and Margie Peterson

HCAO-RV’s Bill Walsh facilitated the event

With a full room, the was audience eager to learn about healthcare expansion

HCAO-RV activists Wes Brain and Margie Peterson pose for a photo