Programs, Services, Collaborations

  • We educate residents of Ashland and the Rogue Valley on relevant issues and organize for public advocacy and civic action.
  • We help individuals acquire the skills of nonviolent living.
  • We foster cooperation among organizations that share our fundamental values and extend to them our resources as needed.



Peace House at times partners with other organizations for peace or justice work. In these collaborations we provide volunteers, money, and our public relations capability, but we do not take primary responsibility for the work in the Rogue Valley.

Partnerships and Collaborators

  • Local:
    • Ashland First Methodist Church
    • Uncle Food’s Diner (Peace House)
    • First Presbyterian Church
    • Trinity Episcopal  Church
    • Vision Quilt
    • Interfaith Social Justice Coalition
    • Jewish Voice for Peace
    • ORD2 Indivisible
    • Multicultural Association
    • Racial Equity Coalition
    • Lotus Rising
    • Resolve
    • Women’s March
    • Ashland Culture of Peace
    • KS Wild
    • Latino Caucus
    • Rogue Climate
    • Pachamama Alliance
    • Oregon Strong Voice
    • Veterans For Peace (VFP)
    • Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN)
    • Southern Oregon PRIDE
    • Our Revolution Southern Oregon (ORSO)
    • Neighborhood Leadership Program
    • Center for Creative Change
    • We Choose Love
  • Statewide:
    • Health Care For All Oregon (HCAO)  Website
    • Rural Organizing Project
    • No DAPL
    • UNETE Oregon
    • Peaceworks
  • National:

    • Fellowship of Reconciliation
    • Peace Action
    • World Beyond War
    • Southern Poverty  Law Center

Sponsored programs

Peace House offers other organizations the advantage of an IRS-recognized public charity if those organizations are compatible with our values and if they intend either to fulfill their mission within a relatively short time or intend to apply for their own 501(c)(3) recognition. This service has given a boost to several now-established organizations, such as Ashland Food and  Southern Oregon Pride We are currently “umbrella-ing” the following organizations: